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For over 60 years Alto-Shaam have been the pioneers and innovators of low temperature cooking and holding solutions essential to profitable foodservice operations across the globe.

Based just outside of Milwaukee in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin in the United States, Alto-Shaam began in the 1950’s when founder Jerry Maahs sought a solution to transport cooked chickens during winter. By the 1960’s Jerry experimented by wrapping thermal low-density heat cables around insulated containers thereby creating the unique technology that is Halo Heat.

Today the energy-efficient Halo Heat® cooking technology continues to keep Alto-Shaam at the forefront of Cook and Hold Commercial Oven innovations which has seen it awarded Best-In-Class for more than a decade.

No matter the size or style of foodservice operation, there’s an Alto-Shaam perfect for any commercial kitchen. Here’s why:

Halo Heat® – Precise low temperature cooking and holding is made possible using gentle radiant heat from low-density thermal cables surrounding the unit.

Low energy usage – Low temperature cooking only requires low energy usage so it only costs a few dollars in energy to cook, hold or warm large volumes of food.

No hood or extraction required – With low emissions from the units, Alto-Shaam Cook and Hold oven don’t require extraction so can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. (* Always check local regulations regarding extraction)

Maximise yields – With no fans, air circulation or added humidity, the gentle cooking provided by Halo Heat® reduces shrinkage of proteins and maximise yields by up to 30%.

Cook, Hold and Smoke – Just one unit can offer the flexibility of low and slow cooking, smoking with real wood smoke and holding at temperature.

Unmonitored Cooking – Alto-Shaam’s low and slow cooking techniques is ideal for overnight cooking which can save on labour costs.

Don’t take it from us – hear Alto-Shaam user Rick Palesh explain the labour savings and greater yields he is seeing since switching to Alto-Shaam!


Over the past 60 years Alto-Shaam have continued to innovate and lead the way in cook, hold, smoking, heated holding and serving solutions.

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