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Install a Chemical Mixing Station in your venue!

Aquis Park, Gold Coast Turf Club have recently improved their Health and Safety Standards by automating the use of their chemicals.

The installation of a Mixing Station has made the process of cleaning easier and safer for staff and has cut down on wastage and mess.

The Mixing Station dispenses the correct amount of chemical each time. It also has a bucket fill hose so there is no need to lift heavy buckets in and out of sinks, eliminating spillage and injuries to staff.  It also has a bottle filler which takes the guess work out of how much water and how much chemical.

Oven/Grill Cleaner Classic  Volcano Multitask
If your venue is in need of a little clean up, contact our Chemical Specialist at the Gold Coast Showroom on Upton St, Bundall.


Written by: Jodie Terzis

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