Hobart Ecomax 504 Dishwasher

Hobart Ecomax 504 Dishwasher

$6,810.00 $3,950.00 ex GST


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  • Easy-to-use electronic controls with 2 cycles 60 & 180 seconds
  • Electronic temperature gauges
  • Suits all racks up to 500x500mm – stainless steel grid shelf supports all rack sizes
  • Re-circulating & low 2.9-litre rinse volume machine
  • Double skin door for strength & durability for loading machine
  • Usable chamber height of 356mm
  • Polypropylene wash & stainless steel rinse arm with patented WIDE ANGLE FAN nozzle to maximise wash & rinse performance
  • Self-cleaning cycle on drain out

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