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Brema CB416A Self Contained Ice Machine

Brema CB416A Self Contained Ice Machine


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Brema’s flagship CB range offers self-contained ice machines for bench top, under bench or free-standing installation. These machines produce attractive, crystalline cubes weighing 13g which rapidly chill and enhance the appearance of any beverage.

The Brema CB416A is an under bench ice cube machine that produces 44kg of ice per 24 hours and has storage capacity of 16kg.

The CB range of self-contained ice cube machines is the perfect fit for cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars and nightclubs.


• 44kg production per 24 hours

• 16kg storage capacity

• Produces crystalline 13g cubes

• Production rated at 21°C air and 15°C water

• Hospital-grade stainless steel outer

• Fully insulated internal storage bin

• Disappearing insulated door

• Electromechanical operation

• Stainless steel spray arm

Drain Pump Model Also Available


• Water inlet hose

• Drainage hose

• External water filter

• Pressure limiting valve

• Plastic ice scoop

• Adjustable stainless steel legs (4)

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Brema CB416A Spec Sheet

5/5 (1 Review)

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5/5 (1 Review)